Logan Sankey - USA Ski Jumper

I love ski jumping and the thrill of flying through the air – there is nothing quite like it.

Through the sport I have been able to travel the world and meet people from all over. It has helped me to learn discipline, develop a strong work ethic and experience great cultures and communities.

I want to continue to making strides to become the best person and athlete I can be, but it takes resources that are hard to earn while I’m training, competing, and going to school to earn a degree.

I’m hoping you will consider a donation – with your support I can continue to pursue my dreams.


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I’ve been on the ski slopes since the age of 2, when my dad taught me to ski. In 2011, our family moved full time to Steamboat Springs, CO, where I joined the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club Alpine race team.

I began ski jumping after trying the sport at the Hitchens Brothers’ Wednesday Night Jump Series and absolutely loved it. I continued to compete in both Ski Jumping and Alpine racing, until deciding to switch to ski jumping full time after attending the inaugural Fly Girls camp in 2014.

I also love to learn, and during the spring I take classes at Dartmouth College. I am majoring in Engineering. My hobbies include knitting and playing the guitar poorly.

Fun fact: I know all of the capitals of all the countries in the world

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